Faculty: Program in Architecture and Engineering

Faculty Info: 

Maria E. Garlock, Co-Director

Forrest M. Meggers, Co-Director

Executive Committee

Sigrid M. Adriaenssens, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Jay Benziger, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Emily A. Carter, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Applied and Computational Mathematics, ex officio

Adam Finkelstein, Computer Science

Mario I. Gandelsonas, Architecture

Maria E. Garlock, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Branko Glisic, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Niraj Jha, Electrical Engineering

Axel Kilian, Architecture

Michael Koortbojian, Art and Archaeology 

Naomi Leonard, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 

Paul Lewis, Architecture

Anirudhi Majumdar, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 

V. Mitch McEwen, Architecture

Forrest M. Meggers, Architecture, Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

Guy J. Nordenson, Architecture

Monica Ponce de Leon, Architecture

Warren Powell, Operations Research and Financial Engineering 

James A. Smith, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Alejandro Zaera-Polo, Architecture