Center for Digital Humanities



  • Meredith A. Martin

Executive Committee

  • Rhae Lynn Barnes, History
  • Ruha Benjamin, African American Studies
  • Devin A. Fore, German
  • Brian W. Kernighan, Computer Science
  • Meredith A. Martin, English
  • V. Mitch McEwen, Architecture
  • Erika L. Milam, History
  • Anna M. Shields, East Asian Studies
  • Brandon M. Stewart, Sociology
  • Autumn M. Womack, African American Studies

Associated Faculty

  • Dannelle Gutarra Cordero, African American Studies
  • Joshua I. Kotin, English
  • Emmanuel H. Kreike, History
  • Jérémie Lumbroso, Computer Science
  • Katherine M.H. Reischl, Slavic Lang & Literatures
  • Marina Rustow, Near Eastern Studies

Sits with Committee

  • Christiane D. Fellbaum
For a full list of faculty members and fellows please visit the department or program website.

Program Information

The Center for Digital Humanities (CDH) is an interdisciplinary research center for investigating how computational methods and digital technologies help us better understand the human experience, past and present. The CDH collaborates with faculty, students and campus partners to create world-class digital humanities projects, offers trainings in cutting-edge scholarly methods, develops open-source software, and fosters a scholarly community that spans academic disciplines and professional practices. Throughout the academic year, the CDH hosts a wide range of events designed to bring awareness of DH research methods and discoveries to the Princeton community.

Each year, the CDH supports an undergraduate Introduction to Digital Humanities (HUM 346) course which is appropriate for a “Digital Approaches to Humanities” focus within the Council for Humanities’ Program in Humanistic Studies. Undergraduates may get involved in the CDH by attending workshops and events, or by working as undergraduate assistants the Center. Students seeking to gain digital humanities experience can apply to join faculty or graduate-student led project teams as research assistants. The CDH supports DH-inflected independent research, and our staff are available to co-advise Junior Papers and Senior Theses. Each spring, the CDH awards a Senior Thesis Prize to the best original work at the intersection of the humanities and computational methods.

To learn more about the CDH and how to get involved, see our website.