Council on Science and Technology

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The Council on Science and Technology, fosters education, research, and intellectual exchange that deepen and broaden understanding, experience, and appreciation of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The Council partners with engineering, mathematics, natural sciences, the arts, humanities, and social sciences to explore and promote the relation of STEM with culture and the course of public affairs.

The Council encourages and helps facilitate the development of high-quality courses through which undergraduates can satisfy the University Science and Technology (ST) distribution requirement. The Council has responsibility for approving the STL (science and technology with laboratory) and the STN (non-laboratory science and technology course) designations for science and engineering courses that are appropriate for students concentrating in the humanities and social sciences. The council staff partners with faculty members to develop new courses and to revise existing courses. The Council hosts events for faculty to share best practices and develop ways to explore the relation of STEM with the humanities, social sciences, and the arts. New STN and STL courses are designed to be of interest to all undergraduate students irrespective of their concentration by integrating the science and engineering content with societal applications.

The Council on Science and Technology likewise sponsors an array of activities for students to explore intersections of STEM with the humanities, social sciences, and the arts.  The Council offers workshops and open hours in the StudioLab, a space for creating and collaborating.  The Council hosts events for students as well as faculty to discuss shared interests across the disciplinary divisions. The Council's Evnin Lecture series features prominent scientists, engineers and mathematicians who engage a wide audience both inside and outside the University community. The Council awards the Pope Prize for Science Writing to a graduating senior who has shown a keen interest in science and demonstrated an outstanding ability to communicate that enthusiasm to a wide audience through journalism.

All STN and STL courses are listed in Course Offerings. Many STL and STN courses have prerequisites or are core courses for the science and engineering disciplines. Examples of STL and STN courses that do not carry significant prerequisites in science or engineering are listed on the CST website.