Faculty: Department of Religion

Faculty Info: 


  • Judith L. Weisenfeld

Director of Undergraduate Studies

  • Seth Perry

Director of Graduate Studies

  • Andrew Chignell


  • Leora F. Batnitzky
  • Wallace D. Best
  • Andrew D. Chignell
  • Eric S. Gregory
  • Martha Himmelfarb
  • AnneMarie Luijendijk
  • Elaine H. Pagels
  • Stephen F. Teiser
  • Judith Weisenfeld
  • Muhammad Q. Zaman

Associate Professor

  • Jonathan C. Gold
  • Shaun E. Marmon
  • Moulie Vidas

Assistant Professor

  • Gabriel Citron
  • Bryan D. Lowe
  • Seth A. Perry
  • Tehseen Thaver



  • Christopher Kelley
  • Kevin A. Wolfe



Visiting Associate Professor

  • Annette Y. Reed

Visiting Lecturer

  • Denys A. Turner

For a full list of faculty members please visit the Department of Religion website.