Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS)


Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS) is the University’s primary center for international and regional studies. It supports cutting-edge research, innovative teaching, collaborative learning, visiting fellows, international networks and dynamic programming. By convening and supporting multidisciplinary centers, programs, and groups of faculty, students and visitors, PIIRS aims to foster academic analysis and public engagement around global challenges and regional dynamics.

Program Offerings

PIIRS supports five minors/certificates: African Studies; Contemporary European Politics and Society; South Asian Studies; Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies, and Translation and Intercultural Communication. Minors/certificates offer the opportunity to pursue the multidisciplinary study of these regions and themes and to become involved in the associated community. The programs also offer a range of exciting events and public programming.

Recognizing that global experiences can have a significant impact on each student’s academic, professional and personal development, PIIRS offers two programs to meet that goal. The Global Seminars are six-week courses taught by University faculty in international locations at the heart of the seminar’s subject matter, giving students the opportunity to learn while immersed in another culture. Students also study the local language and connect with the societies in which they live. Exploration Seminars provide seven to nine days of international travel, usually during the fall and spring breaks, in association with a course taught on the Princeton campus.

A yearlong graduate fellows program supports students in the dissertation write-up stage of the Ph.D. PIIRS also provides generous funding to graduate students from any department for summer language study and dissertation field research abroad.

PIIRS co-sponsors conferences, seminars and short-term visits of distinguished scholars from around the world. The Fung Global Fellows Program brings exceptional international scholars to Princeton for a year of research, writing and collaboration around a common topic. PIIRS sponsors many faculty-led research initiatives to promote sustained interdisciplinary and cross-regional dialogue in international and regional studies and in the humanities.

PIIRS is home to the Paul and Marcia Wythes Center on Contemporary China, the M.S. Chadha Center for Global India, the Brazil LAB and the Global Japan Lab, each of which serves as a hub for an extensive network of scholars focused on those countries and their place in the world.

PIIRS supports both place-based knowledge and thematically driven research, which together advance understandings, interpretations and explanations of key issues around the globe. To energize campus-wide conversations, PIIRS offers a monthly Director’s Seminar Series that focuses on Global Existential Challenges; the seminar features panels of Princeton faculty who deliberated core questions from a multidisciplinary and comparative perspective.

PIIRS also sponsors World Politics, a flagship journal in political science, which publishes peer-reviewed research in international relations, comparative politics and related subfields.


  • Director

    • Deborah J. Yashar
  • Deputy Director

    • David A. Jarvis
  • Executive Committee

    • Sandra L. Bermann, Comparative Literature
    • João Biehl, Anthropology
    • Rafaela M. Dancygier, Schl of Public & Int'l Affairs
    • Julia Elyachar, Anthropology
    • Simon E. Gikandi, English
    • Andrea J. Goldsmith, Engineering & Applied Science, ex officio
    • Michael D. Gordin, History
    • Judith Hamera, Lewis Center for the Arts, ex officio
    • Amaney A. Jamal, Politics, ex officio
    • Sanyu A. Mojola, Sociology
    • Eduardo Morales, Schl of Public & Int'l Affairs
    • Chika O. Okeke-Agulu, Art and Archaeology
    • Gyan Prakash, History
    • Anu Ramaswami, Civil and Environmental Eng
    • Esther H. Schor, English, ex officio
    • Yu Xie, Sociology
    • Deborah J. Yashar, Schl of Public & Int'l Affairs
  • Professor

    • Anu Ramaswami
    • Yu Xie
  • Associate Professor

    • Julia Elyachar
  • Senior Lecturer

    • Mahiri Mwita
  • Lecturer

    • Hannah Essien
    • Fauzia Farooqui
    • Sadaf Jaffer
    • Robert L. Phillips
    • Nataliya Yanchevskaya
    • Hamza Mahmood Zafer
    • Fabio O. Zuker

For a full list of faculty members and fellows please visit the department or program website.