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  1. Neuroscience - A.B., through the Princeton Neuroscience Institute

    The Princeton Neuroscience Institute offers the neuroscience concentration for undergraduates with a strong interest in pursuing an in-depth study of the brain. Neuroscience is a broad interdisciplinary field requiring rigorous preparation in basic science. Students in this discipline are expected to understand the basic principles and approaches of modern neuroscience.

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  2. Faculty: Program in Neuroscience

    Faculty: Program in Neuroscience

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  3. Program in Neuroscience

    The neuroscience certificate program is offered by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute and is designed for undergraduates with an interest in the brain but pursuing a concentration in another subject area. In the past, students from a wide range of majors--including engineering, economics, chemistry, art history, English, and music-- have successfully completed the neuroscience certificate program.

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  4. Archive

    Archived versions of the Undergraduate Announcement record the academic regulations, programs of study, and course offerings of the University in previous years. Please consult these documents for additional information. This material can be made available in an alternative format for individuals with disabilities upon request. Please contact the Office of the Dean of the College at or at 609-258-3040.

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  5. Academic Calendars

    Fall Term, 2019-20

    August 31, Saturday. First-Year Student Dormitory Check-In, Lewis Arts Complex Forum.

    September 4, Wednesday, 8:00 a.m. Academic Year Sign-In via TigerHub. Sign-In must be completed by Tuesday, September 10, 11:59 p.m.

    September 7, Saturday. Upperclass move-in date.

    September 8, Sunday, 3:00 p.m. Opening Exercises, University Chapel.

    September 10, Tuesday. First-Year Student Advising and Course Selection, Friend Center.

    September 11, Wednesday. Fall term classes begin.

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  6. University Administrators


    Christopher L. Eisgruber, J.D., M.Litt.


    Deborah A. Prentice, Ph.D.

    Dean of the Faculty

    Sanjeev R. Kulkarni, Ph.D.

    Dean of the College

    Jill S. Dolan, Ph.D.

    Dean of the Graduate School

    Sarah-Jane Leslie, Ph.D.

    Dean for Research

    Pablo G. Debenedetti, Ph.D.

    Vice President for Campus Life

    W. Rochelle Calhoun, M.F.A.

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  7. Faculty: Program in Environmental Studies

    Faculty: Program in Environmental Studies

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  8. Program in Environmental Studies

    The Program in Environmental Studies (ENV) offers a vibrant, multidisciplinary forum for engaging the scientific, political, humanistic, and technological dimensions of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world today. Through the certificate program, students majoring in any discipline may pursue a generalist track in environmental studies, or a more specialized track in the environmental natural sciences and engineering.

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  9. Faculty: Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

    Faculty: Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

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  10. Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

    Addressing the ever-increasing worldwide demand for energy, while minimizing impact on the environment, is key to creating a sustainable future. The Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment (ACEE) brings together researchers and educators in the interdisciplinary fields of engineering, architecture, the social and natural sciences, and public policy to address this fundamental challenge of the 21st century. Six interacting research areas form the heart of the Andlinger Center's focus.

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