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  1. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Information and Departmental Plan of Study

    The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers an academic program of study spanning a wide range of disciplines, connecting the broad fields of information, data, communication and computing systems to circuits, energy, and the physical world. To prepare students for a future beyond Princeton, the three main themes of the program are (i) a broad foundation, (ii) depth and expertise in a concentration, and (iii) independent work and design. 

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  2. Program in Engineering Biology

    The Program in Engineering Biology is designed for those highly motivated students who are interested in pursuing careers or graduate education in the areas of biotechnology or bioengineering. The interface between engineering and the life sciences is an area of dramatic growth and intellectual vigor. Innovations and new developments in this area require multidisciplinary approaches and greater exposure to engineering fundamentals as applied to living systems than is currently available from a single department.

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  3. Program in Engineering Physics

    Interdisciplinary areas in physical sciences in engineering such as energy, environment, materials, microelectronics, astronautics, and photonics promise to become increasingly relevant in the 21st century. The Program in Engineering Physics, which provides students with a fundamental knowledge of physics, together with problem-solving skills and an understanding of engineering, is designed to address the needs of students seeking innovative careers in today's technological age. In addition, it allows students to keep their options open between physical sciences and engineering.

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  4. Lewis Center for the Arts

    The Lewis Center for the Arts is an academic unit made up of the programs in creative writing, dance, theater, music theater, and visual arts, as well as the Princeton Atelier. Lewis Center courses are offered with the conviction that the practice of creating and considering art helps us make sense of our lives and the lives of others.

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  5. Program in Theater

    The Program in Theater, part of the Lewis Center for the Arts, welcomes all students. 

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  6. Program in Visual Arts

    The Program in Visual Arts, part of the Lewis Center for the Arts, allows undergraduates to explore visual art and media while developing their creative skills under the aegis of a liberal arts education. Courses are offered in drawing, filmmaking, graphic design, media, painting, photography, and sculpture. Studio courses emphasize direct, hands-on art making under the guidance of practicing visual arts professionals.

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  7. School of Engineering and Applied Science

    The undergraduate educational mission of the School of Engineering and Applied Science of Princeton University is to educate future leaders in engineering practice, research and education, business and finance, public service, and other professions. Students learn fundamental engineering principles and how to apply them to real-world problems whose solutions require an interdisciplinary perspective. Princeton offers its students a liberal education and encourages them to take advantage of its outstanding resources and facilities.

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  8. Program in Optimization and Quantitative Decision Science

    The certificate Program in Optimization and Quantitative Decision Science and Optimization (OQDS), formerly the certificate Program in Engineering and Management Systems, is focused on developing quantitative skills for optimal decision making in complex and uncertain environments. These skills are increasingly relevant to problems and decisions that face the leaders, managers, engineers, and scientists of our generation.

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  9. Department of English

    Information and Departmental Plan of Study

    In the Department of English, students read widely across the genres and periods of British, American, and Anglophone literature and explore approaches to literary study with a distinguished, internationally renowned faculty. The department's ranks include historicists and formalists, theorists and poets, and postcolonialists and feminists; the faculty teach not only poetry, prose, and drama, but film, music, art, architecture, and technology.

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  10. Program in European Cultural Studies

    The Program in European Cultural Studies was established in 1975 on the joint initiative of faculty members in History, Comparative Literature, Romance Languages and Literatures, Politics, and Architecture, under the leadership of the eminent cultural historian Carl E. Schorske (1915-2015).

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