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  1. Department of Mathematics

    Information and Departmental Plan of Study

    Most freshmen and sophomores interested in science, engineering, or finance take courses from the standard calculus and linear algebra sequence 103-104-201-202, which emphasizes concrete computations over more theoretical considerations. Note that 201 and 202 can be taken in either order.

    Students who are not prepared to begin with 103 may take 100, an introduction to calculus with precalculus review offered only in the fall semester and intended for students whose highest math SAT score is below 650.

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  2. Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

    Information and Departmental Plan of Study

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  3. Department of Music

    Information and Departmental Plan of Study

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  4. Program in Music Performance

    The Program in Music Performance provides an opportunity for students study the performance of vocal or instrumental music (both jazz and classical), electronic music, and music composition in the context of a liberal arts education. It provides extensive opportunities for students to hone their skills through participation in department ensembles, recitals, studio instruction, and performance classes, and also provides a solid foundation in music history, theory, and composition.

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  5. Program in Medieval Studies

    The Program in Medieval Studies encourages the interdisciplinary study of the Middle Ages: its art, literature (Latin and vernacular), music, religion, science, philosophy, politics, and economic and social structures. Supported by the vast resources for medieval studies at Princeton (including an outstanding medieval manuscript collection and the photographic archive known as the Index of Medieval Art), the program sponsors one course: an introductory seminar, and a (non-credit) thesis writers' colloquium for seniors.

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  6. Department of Molecular Biology

    At Princeton, courses in the biological sciences are offered in two departments. Students with interests in molecular, cellular, and developmental processes should enroll in the Department of Molecular Biology. Those with an evolutionary orientation and interest in organismal, population, and community processes should enroll in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

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  7. Department of Near Eastern Studies

    The Department of Near Eastern Studies offers a liberal arts major designed to give students competence in a Near Eastern language and a broad knowledge of the literatures, civilizations, politics, and history of the ancient, medieval, and modern Near East (comprising Afghanistan, the Arab countries, Central Asia, Iran, Israel, Muslim Africa, South Asia, and Turkey).

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  8. Program in Near Eastern Studies

    The Program in Near Eastern Studies provides students in any department of the University the opportunity to study the languages, history, and culture and institutions of the Near East and the broader Islamicate world. Its purpose is to enhance a liberal education and to offer additional training for students who plan a career in those areas.

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  9. Department of Spanish and Portuguese

    Information and Departmental Plan of Study

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  10. Department of Philosophy

    Information and Departmental Plan of Study


    Any course in the philosophy department may serve as prerequisite for concentration. A student who has not satisfied this prerequisite and who, at the end of sophomore year, desires to enter the department must apply to the departmental representative.

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