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  1. Program in Planets and Life

    Unraveling the origins of life on Earth and determining whether life exists beyond Earth will likely be two of the most significant scientific discoveries in the 21st century. The Program in Planets and Life is an interdepartmental, multidisciplinary plan of study designed for students interested in these two questions.

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  2. Department of Psychology

    Information and Departmental Plan of Study

    The Department of Psychology welcomes students interested in all aspects of life and society. A rigorous understanding of human behavior and mental processes can be useful for almost any vocation. Students with a psychology degree have successfully pursued careers in science, clinical psychology, computer technology, teaching, public policy, medicine, business, law, economics and sometimes even the performing arts.

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  3. Center for Culture, Society, and Religion

    The Center for Culture, Society, and Religion facilitates intellectual exchange and interdisciplinary study of religion among students and faculty. The center is especially interested in encouraging scholarship that examines religion or aspects of religion comparatively and in its diverse historical and contemporary manifestations through the lenses of the various humanities and social science disciplines.

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  4. Department of Religion

    Information and Departmental Plan of Study


    Any course offered by the department.

    Early Concentration

    A sophomore may apply for early concentration through consultation with the director of undergraduate studies.

    Program of Study

    For the Classes of 2023 and beyond, the requirements are as follows (Class of 2022 and prior should consult the appropriate archived version of the Undergraduate Announcement):

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  5. Program in Robotics and Intelligent Systems

    The Program in Robotics and Intelligent Systems is designed for undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing careers or graduate education in three general areas:

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  6. Program in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies

  7. Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

    Information and Departmental Plan of Study

    Advanced Placement

    The department gives its own placement test to all incoming students who have studied Russian. On the basis of this test students are placed in an appropriate course. Successful completion of RUS 107, RUS 108 (Russian for Heritage Speakers),  or immediate assignment to a higher course satisfies the A.B. language requirement.

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  8. Department of Sociology

    Information and Departmental Plan of Study

    Sociology at Princeton offers a cutting-edge undergraduate concentration for people interested in the social dimensions of politics, economics, history, psychology, and demography. The concentration encourages students to engage in cross-disciplinary thinking even as it provides a thorough grounding in a single field. Both quantitative and qualitative approaches to social science are utilized by our students and faculty.

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  9. Program in South Asian Studies

    The Program in South Asian Studies, under the auspices of the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, offers students the methodological and theoretical tools to study the political, economic, social, religious, literary, and cultural institutions of the region with particular focus on the modern history of India and Pakistan.

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  10. Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

    The Princeton School of Public and International Affairs offers a multidisciplinary liberal arts major for students who are interested in public service and becoming leaders in the world of public and international affairs. To enable students to acquire the tools, understanding, and habits of mind necessary to pursue policy problems of their choosing, the major is largely self-designed but with the structure and guidance needed for an education that is both broad and deep.

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