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  1. Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs

    The Woodrow Wilson School (WWS) offers a multidisciplinary liberal arts major for students who desire to be engaged in public service and become leaders in the world of public and international affairs. To enable students to acquire the tools, understanding, and habits of mind necessary to pursue policy problems of their choosing, the major is largely self-designed but with the structure and guidance needed for an education that is both broad and deep.

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  2. Program in Statistics and Machine Learning

    Information and Departmental Plan of Study

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  3. Program in Sustainable Energy

    The Program in Sustainable Energy is designed for Princeton undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing careers or graduate education in the area of sustainable energy science and technology to achieve:

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  4. Program in Teacher Preparation

    The Program in Teacher Preparation  is an interdepartmental course of study for undergraduates and is composed of a unique mix of coursework, seminars, laboratory experience, field work, and practice teaching.

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  5. Program in Technology and Society

    One would be hard-pressed to find any aspect of society today that is not influenced by evolving technology in a significant way. Similarly, technology does not develop in a vacuum; by virtue of its applied nature, it is shaped by the needs and desires of individuals and the societies in which they live. Society and technology co-evolve, so that you cannot fully understand one without knowing something about the other.

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  6. Program in Urban Studies

    The Program in Urban Studies is an interdepartmental plan of study for undergraduates that offers an interdisciplinary framework for the study of cities, metropolitan regions, and urban and suburban landscapes.

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  7. Program in Values and Public Life

    The Program in Values and Public Life, an undergraduate interdisciplinary certificate program offered by the University Center for Human Values, focuses on modes of inquiry into important ethical issues in public life. The program helps students develop competence in pursuing such inquiries generally and supports them in applying these intellectual skills to the advanced analysis of one or more related topics.

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  8. Princeton Writing Program

    Writing is integral to intellectual pursuits of every kind, whether in the humanities, the social or natural sciences, mathematics, or engineering. The Princeton Writing Program encourages excellence in writing across the University through a variety of initiatives, including Writing Seminars for first-year students and a Writing Center for all students.

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  9. Neuroscience - A.B., through the Princeton Neuroscience Institute

    The Princeton Neuroscience Institute offers the neuroscience concentration for undergraduates with a strong interest in pursuing an in-depth study of the brain. Neuroscience is a broad interdisciplinary field requiring rigorous preparation in basic science. Students in this discipline are expected to understand the basic principles and approaches of modern neuroscience.

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  10. Program in Neuroscience

    The neuroscience certificate program is offered by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute and is designed for undergraduates with an interest in the brain but pursuing a concentration in another subject area. In the past, students from a wide range of majors--including engineering, economics, chemistry, art history, English, and music-- have successfully completed the neuroscience certificate program.

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